The Tropical Zoo needs your help

Our goal is to raise £2 million to build The New Tropical Zoo, the Centre for Education Conservation.

Our charity ECO for The New Tropical Zoo has been chosen as the Mayors Charity for 2013 -2014.

The Tropical Zoo that was formally in Syon Park Brentford is due to have its brand new home built adjacent to the current Hounslow Urban Farm. The building works have not yet started but over the coming months developments will be made to enable this to start.

The Zoo will boast brand new educational facilities including designated classrooms and lecture theatres, a living forest in which exotic animals from all over the world will be seen, a purpose built soft play area as well as a number of other amazing attractions.

The centre will also be a ‘Rescue Centre’ and all inhabitants will be given a second chance of happiness. We work closely with the Reception Centre at Heathrow Airport and RSPCA to give a refuge for abandoned and mistreated exotic animals including Parrots, Primates, Tortoises, Lizards, Crocodiles and small Mammals.

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The Tropical Zoo attracts thousands of visitors each year, who enjoy our permanent exhibition of animals from every tropical region on earth. By combining fun and education, we aim to spread the message of conservation to a wider audience.

Inspiring children to be passionate and responsible conservationists has always been our mantra and stimulating the next generation to fall in love with nature is essential and what we have always believed in.

We have hundreds of testimonials from schools which demonstate engaging children in an exciting and interactive way, as we do, produces a passion and understanding beyond what any text book can reproduce.

People are now becoming aware of the importance of the rainforest to our survival in the developed world. These forests breathe life into our world, shielding us from the worst effects of global warming. The forests provide the plant life that forms the basis of research into drugs to prevent or cure many serious illnesses. The rich diversity of life from the forest floor to the tallest canopy is dependent on our commitment to conservation now and in the future.

Our overseas project is based in South Africa. The Ishona Langa Wildlife Reserve in KwaZulu Natal is home to some beautiful creatures from butterflies to wildebeest. These vulnerable animals are losing their natural habitat and are prey to hunters, illegal poaching and trade. Check out the Ishona Langa website to see this stunning nature reserve and rescue centre. You may even decide to take a holiday in the region!

Ishona Langa is a non-profit undertaking that is sustained by the wedding and conference facilities that it offers. Income from the hiring of the venue is used to sustain the sanctuary.

We are really excited to create this centre and seeing the way children interact with it and the animals.

We value your support of our work in the UK and hope you will continue to enjoy learning about the our wild planet.

Re-homing Animals

Many of the animals at Hounslow Urban Farm and The Tropical Zoo have come to us after becoming unwanted, abandoned or confiscated.

For over 20 years The Tropical Zoo has been working with organisations like CITES, RSPCA and The Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow. Through our work with these organisations and also working closely with the general public, we have given thousands of animals a second chance at having a long and fulfilling life.

Our passionate and caring staff are on hand when rescuing and rehabilitating some of the animals that arrive with us after having a tough start in life. Some of these animals need specific veterinary or intensive care which they will receive here. We believe that all animals need to be given the opportunity to thrive no matter how big or small they may be.

We will seldom turn away an animal in need and if we can’t receive them here then we will try and point you in the right direction and towards somebody who can.

We will on occasion be able to temporarily house animals in need and then find them permanent and forever homes.

If you have an animal in need of a new home please contact us.

*Please note that when we re-home an animal from the farm we ask for a mandatory donation to cover animal feed costs and veterinary care. Without doing this we would not be able to continue rescuing animals.


Health & Safety

The health and safely of you and your family whilst visiting is paramount to the management and staff of Hounslow Urban Farm. Please find below the guidance prior to your visit.


Hounslow Urban Farm is partnered with a wonderful supporter in the local area. Please visit the link below to find out more information about what they do.