We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday for the Mayors Family Fun Day
Here is our FULLY BACKED Timetable!
10.30am Pig Race
10.45am Charlie The Clown
11.15am Animal Encounter
12.00pm Sara Brooks - Classical Crossover Singer / Songwriter
12.30pm Animal Encounter
1.15pm Owl Show
2.00pm Charlie The Clown
2.30pm Pig Race
3.00pm Sara Brooks Classical Crossover Singer / Songwriter
3.30pm Animal Encounter
Please Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances the Stormtroopers will NOT be attending.
Look forward to seeing you all there!

A beautiful chocolate brown foal was born this morning and both mum and baby are doing great.

This was Maggie (the Mum's) first foal but she has taken to motherhood extremely well and the foal is already up and walking around.

Maggie has kept staff on their toes for the last 4 weeks, receiving extra checks at night and throughout the day as they awaited the birth. However, having shown no signs last night or in the early hours, she took everyone by surprise early this morning when we came into her stable to find the foal already there!

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